In the course of brewing production, workers may be exposed to a number of adverse factors, such as:

  • high air humidity in combination with a low temperature;
  • insufficient illumination of the working area;
  • increased slipperiness of surfaces as a result of moisture condensation;
  • accumulation of poisonous gases (carbon dioxide, ammonia);
  • falling ice.

Tasks to be solved:

  • zone control of the employee's location in real time;
  • searching an employee;
  • control of exceeding the time spent by an employee in hazardous areas;
  • notifying the dispatcher to work alone;
  • control of the completeness of PPE in hazardous areas;
  • control over the execution of routine maintenance;
  • improving the discipline of employees of the enterprise and contractors.

Necessary equipment

  1. Controller
  2. Antennas.
  3. PPE with installed tags UHF RFID.
  4. Dispatcher's workplace.
  5. ID-Green Storm cloud server license or local server license.