ID-GREEN readers collect information within the reading radius of UHF RFID tags mounted on people and objects. The read data is transmitted in real-time to the IDG-STORM server. The server structures the data and displays them to the user in the form of reports, graphs, and charts. The accounting and positioning of objects are based on the fact of the physical presence of tags in the reader's coverage area.

UHF RFID Benefits in the Oil & Gas Industry

UHF RFID tags are non-corrosive and can be used in extreme conditions and temperatures.
The conditions and duration of operation do not affect the quality and speed of reading stored information.
Low cost tags

Lifecycle monitoring of drilling equipment

Our solution is based on the use of UHF RFID tags, mounted on the components of pumps and other equipment. The protected memory of the labels contains detailed information about the manufacturer, the date of commissioning, the last calibration, maintenance work and other information important for assessing the use of equipment.

Drilling Equipment & Workwear Rooms Automation

Automation of the procedure for issuing inventory and сoveralls allows you to reduce the time of the procedure of acceptance and transfer by 90%. Released time will reduce queues and dangerous crowds.

Employees & Vehicles Zonal Tracking

ID-GREEN readers transmit information about personnel and equipment in the field of work in real-time. Administrators have online access to the history of movements of employees, vehicles, and equipment, for real-time operational tracking.

Inventory Automation

Automation of accounting of material values ​​when moving in real-time. The ID-GREEN solution provides information for automating the control of availability, inventory, tools, and workwear handed out and stored at the warehouse.

Work Time Automation

Automation of accounting of the time of arrival and departure of employees. Automation of accounting for the total time of breaks and real time spent in the areas of work. Tracking the location of the employee in a fixed work zone and hazardous areas.