ID-GREEN readers collect information within the reading radius of UHF RFID tags mounted on people and objects. The read data is transmitted in real-time to the IDG-STORM server. The server structures the data and displays them to the user in the form of reports, graphs, and charts. The accounting and positioning of objects are based on the fact of the physical presence of tags in the reader's coverage area.

UHF RFID Advantages in Logistics

Tags allow you to track the movements of workers, forklifts, and goods, which means simplifying the planning, warehouse management, and maintaining existing reports. The ID-GREEN solution creates new qualitative and quantitative indicators for measuring employee productivity during loading operations and to prevent theft. Provides instant access to information for tracing goods and workers in real-time.

UHF RFID Benefits in Logistics

Supplies with temperature control in transit.

Track the temperature status of the delivered goods regardless of the delivery method. The attached tag can record up to 4800 temperature measurements with an accuracy of ±0.5 °C. In the range of -30 °C to +50 °C. Upon receipt of the goods, you will see in what temperature conditions goods were delivered from the time of shipment to the time of delivery.

Check shipment online

Automate that the correct boxes are always on the right pallet, and you will never miss an important order. Identify each box when it is loaded on a pallet, and automatically compare its data with the delivery order, to receive notifications of incorrect or missing pallet contents.

Returnable transit item (RTI) tracking.

Each packaging unit equipped with a robust RFID tag provides visibility in the supply chain. The tag determines the type and size of the asset, the date of service and other important data necessary for monitoring. This information can be automatically obtained when the asset is within the reach of the RFID reader - it can be a stationary reader at the warehouse door or loading dock, a mobile reader mounted on a forklift truck, a manual reader or conveyor for quick inventory. Using UHF RFID, in just a few minutes, the full load of hundreds of containers with returnable packaging can be considered.